Urban Quest Guarantees to Shake Up your Office with an Experience, Which Even the Quiet and Shy in the Team Will Rave About!



Each event is 2-3 hours full of experiential team building challenges that are fun, memorable, and effective tools for quickly improving your team’s trust and accountability. The activities are specifically tailored to foster relationships and develop leadership skills… and provide a tremendous return on your investment!

Why Urban Quest is different
from other corporate team building events:

  • Participants are guided entirely on their smartphones!
  • People in Fluorescent vests?... not us!! All our professionals are in complete character.
  • Our proven game format is unique and not available at any paper-based event.
  • 10+ years of experience in the industry lets us create the best possible gameplay options.

No matter your industry, background or team dynamic, our approach will create:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Cooperation to achieve goals
  • Trust, validation & pride within the team
  • Commitment and engagement through better interpersonal connections

Urban Quest is 100% engagement and teamwork. Contact us to live this unforgettable experience for yourself!

Urban Quest Team Building is a one-of-a-kind,
emotions-filled experience that will fuel your team
to success through fun and challenging activities.

With over 10 years’ experience in team building, our activities are specifically designed with the goal of building better, stronger teams, through fun and immersive engagement. Our individually-crafted games and events are backed by research... and deliver results!

Our Approach

  • Our games are more than just a game. Yes, the laughter will be real, and relationships will be strengthened, – and most importantly, the take-aways will address real-world workplace issues.
  • You want a lasting impact, so we use experiential activities as the most effective way to ensure engaging and powerful growth.
  • We can also customize our games to address your specific workplace challenges, help your organization see issues from a fresh perspective, resolve them, and create a highly successful team.
  • As a part of our assessment process, we can strategically put people in specific teams to closely mimic their daily challenges. These daily challenges aren’t usually task-related but rather relationship-related.
  • Digital technology allows us to track any individual from a team performance, generate reports and deliver the experience in a much wider variety of activities.

Why Choose Us

  • We offer a tailored ready-made solution instead of a list of activities.
  • All our events are technology driven.
  • We work with all industries: business, government, education, sports, charities etc.
  • Groups of any size.
  • Our event concept is one of a kind in Montreal and Canada.